[Icecast] Server URL vs. Listen URL

jplewis01 at comcast.net jplewis01 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 9 12:05:27 PST 2005

I'm in the process of setting up ICECAST Server running on Windows Server 2003. the Server sits behind a NAT Firewall with a port opened up to make the Icecast server accessible. From an IP address when the Server is running I can access the stream no problems. But I cannot accees the server by name from the Internet.

I have traced the problem down to the names being used for the Server URL and Listen URL being crossed up by the ICES Client (possible Bug in the client code)

Before I go screaming the sky is falling though I want to check to ensure I'm right in my assumption of the following:

Server URL is used to tell the ICES Client where to send the Stream Source. In my case the ICE Client (behind the firewall) will connect to the ICECAST Server (also behind the firewall) to send the data to the server on whatever port is specified.

ListenURL is sent to the directory and contains the URL used by clients on the Internet to connect to my stream. In my case they will connect to the Firewall which has port forwarding turned on and the firewall will connect through to the ICECast Server to deliver the stream back out to the client.

If these assumptions are / are not correct can you please let me know. Any info/guidance etc. would be most useful,

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