[Icecast] what ID tags will show up?

Michael LaBash mlabash at babylabash.com
Tue Feb 8 23:26:57 PST 2005

I'm just getting started here and I'm wondering what the best way to 
do things are. I have been thinking of setting up icecast on my 
server and then remotely broadcasting with Foobar2000 and the Oddsock 
plg-in. I'll be playing 128kbps MP3 files. I'm not sure what format 
to stream in ... I'm having trouble listening to any Ogg Vorbis 
streams at all .... the MP3 streams come in fine and quickly. OK a 
couple questions:

1. Can you play mp3 files with Foobar2000 but stream them in Ogg 
Vorbis format? Will it lose quality?
2. What ID tags will show up if I stream in MP3? Song, Artist, Album? 
How about with Ogg Vorbis?
3. What players work to play Ogg Vorbis streams on Windows and Macs?

Thanks! This is a great list.

Michael LaBash
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