[Icecast] Authentication questions

Ron Blok ronblok at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 7 14:01:45 PST 2005

Hi Icecast users,

I'm implementing a stream with authentication.
The basic's are working :-) like a dream!
No I am at the point where I need to enter the user information (username
and password).
Since I have approx 200 users it would by nice if I could add this users in
one blow instead of one by one?
I have the users file available in a spreadsheet format.
If not I have to do them one by one ......

Furthermore ... The mount I am serving is in the following format /stream2,
and I am streaming in mp3 format.
The link I will send to my users is http://streamserver/auth.xsl During the
test phase I've had complains from users that the stream does not open or
starts a download. I have seen this before on the "open" streams as well.
My guess is that it in most cases depends on the users file association. By
the "open" streams the easy way out is to let the user op the URL directly
in their player. In the case of the "closed" stream the authentication makes
things a little bit more difficult.
Is there a way how I can minimize these issues for instance by changing the
mountpoint into /stream2.pls or /stream2.m3u or /stream2.mp3 ???
Or do you have other recommendations ?

Thanks in advance !

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