[Icecast] fallback mount from diferent mountpoint

Jonas Nyrén spectral at ludd.ltu.se
Wed Feb 2 11:13:15 UTC 2005

This is exactly what you solve by relaying it with the server on the 
same port as Geoff said.
To recap:
* relay mountpoint /dsl from server on port 6000 on the server you want 
the fallback on
* define that RELAY as the fallback


Carsten Henkel wrote:

>Guten Tag Geoff Shang,
>thank you for this information.
>whe have to chanles in two different ports.
>i want to mount port 6000 mountpount /dsl
>as fallbackmount for the server that runs on port 8000.
>whis this way, i can only mount when sthe stream is on the same port.
>have a lot of thanks

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