[Icecast] fallback mount from diferent mountpoint

Carsten Henkel carsten at chatlabel.de
Wed Feb 2 11:01:31 UTC 2005

Guten Tag Geoff Shang,

thank you for this information.
whe have to chanles in two different ports.
i want to mount port 6000 mountpount /dsl
as fallbackmount for the server that runs on port 8000.
whis this way, i can only mount when sthe stream is on the same port.

have a lot of thanks

Am Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2005 um 09:09 schrieben Sie:

GS> Hi:

GS> The way to do this is to define a mountpoint as a relay of the other
GS> stream, then use that mount as your fallback mount.

GS> Here's an example, based on your config:

GS> <relay>
GS> <server>stream1.chatlabel.de</server>
GS> <port>6000</port>
GS> <mount>/dsl</mount>
GS> <local-mount>/fallback</local-mount>
GS> <relay-shoutcast-metadata>0</relay-shoutcast-metadata>
GS> </relay>

GS> <mount>
GS>          <mount-name>/</mount-name>
GS>          <username>*****</username>
GS>          <password>*****</password>
GS>          <max-listeners>50</max-listeners>
GS>          <dump-file>/tmp/dump-example1.mp3</dump-file>

GS> <fallback-mount>/fallback</fallback-mount>
GS>          <fallback-override>1</fallback-override>
GS>      </mount>

GS> Note that your relay will continually pull the stream from the remote
GS> server, even if no-one is listening to it.  The ability to have it only
GS> pull when required is slated for addition to Icecast in a future release.

GS> Geoff.
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