[Icecast] XSL Template problem

ChaosMedia > WebDev webdev at chaosmedia.org
Wed Dec 14 13:25:16 UTC 2005


i know it won't be a highly technical question and has more to do with 
xml/xsl than icecast itself but i've got a problem with my icecast 
status.xsl template i don't understand and maybe some of you already 
made some "advanced" xsl templates and will be able to help me out..

so better than words you can see the thing in action using the following 
links :

for the properly displayed template : http://www.lilleforum.com

you can click on the "radio" button on the page above or directly access 
the icecast page here :

for the icecast xsl version : 

when comparing the two headers, you'll see the icecast xsl version has 
some "margin" problems, at least that's how i understand it..
Both pages use the exact same css files and html code for the header part.
The xsl css link being generated thru a php script from that forum 
system, i suspected it could be the source of the problem so i've also 
tested the xsl template with a pure css file but the same thing occurs..

the problem is a bit different in firefox/mozilla and in MSIE, so i was 
wondering if it's not a matter of how those browsers render xsl files ?
Meaning that browsers would react differently to css formating when 
loading a xsl file rather than an html/php.. file ?

Then can you think of a way to make sure the xsl rendering gets similar 
to an classic html rendering ?



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