[Icecast] matrox rt.x100

Balint Jacint bjacint at kvark.hu
Tue Dec 13 23:16:53 UTC 2005


I got a Matrox RT.X100 Pro capture card to make a live video streaming 
with it. The concert to be streamed will be on Saturday...
I have a Linux-based server running Icecast 2.3, so I need to make this 
computer with the Matrox card to work with the Icecast server. I'd 
prefer Ogg Theora.
Unfortunately there's no Linux support for this card, so the only choice 
I have is Windows XP.
Do you have any idea, how to move on? Has anyone ever faced a problem 
like this? Or is this card "too good" for live streaming...?
I've never ever in my life had anything to do with video, so I feel a 
little lost here...

Thanks in advance!


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