[Icecast] stupid user tricks with ices2: "No such file or directory" :P

John Hebert metanoid at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 04:06:11 PST 2005

I must be doing something really stupid.

I've read the docs for icecast2 and ices2. Icecast2 is running fine; I can
get stats.xml and see that it is running.

When I run ices2, I get the following error in ices.log:
[2005-12-07  05:37:51] INFO playlist-basic/playlist_basic_get_next_filename
Loading playlist from file "/home/john/playlist.txt"
[2005-12-07  05:37:51] WARN playlist-builtin/playlist_read Error opening
file "Vistors.ogg": No such file or directory

And I've made playlist.txt as simple as I can:


Yes, there is a file called Visitors.ogg in /home/john. I can play the file
just fine in Zinf.

Does ices2 expect .ogg files to be in another specific directory? From
reading the docs, the path to the .ogg files are specified in the playlist

Any ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

John Hebert
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