[Icecast] Ices0 and ShoutCast (and KiSS)

Henrik Østergaard Madsen Henrik at Ostergaard.net
Tue Dec 13 13:24:06 UTC 2005

I have successfully set up a system with Ices0.4 and IceCast2.20 (and
Tunez). It plays well using mpg123 or WinAmp.

But I would like to use also my KiSS DVD player for the stream, and I have
not been able to do so - It appearently needs 110% SHOUTcast

So I tried the IceCast2.3.1 - but it still didn't like the KiSS (or the
other way around). In stead, I have added a SHOUTcast server as a relay on
the same machine. The KiSS can connect to this, and the SHOUTcast to
Icecast in shoutcast mode (and using an alias for the mountpoint).

But sometimes, primarily at a change of song on the Ices, the SHOUTcast
stops streaming, and all clients reconnects a few times, and then play on.
The whole thing does not seem particularly stable. Can this be beacuse of
bitrate changes?

To do something about it, I have tried to connect the IceS directly to the
SHOUTcast server, but I cannot get it to connect (using "icy" protocol and
so, but still..) Must the mountpoint be "/" or is there other tricks?

Will it stabilize it more if I re-encode the stream in IceS? I have all
sorts of (stereo) bitrates, including variable ones.. Re-encoding will
cost CPU power, so I would rather be without..

The very best would be to connect the KiSS to the IceCast server, which
seems very stable when using WinAmp. Does anybody have a clue why this is
not working? Can I make the IceCast even more shoutcast-compatible?



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