[Icecast] "preventing YP listings"

Neil Nelson xxx at mphmedia.net
Sat Dec 3 15:17:33 PST 2005

I am running icecast 2.2.0 on Windows XP and am trying to get yp listed
so my server will show on the Icecast Stream Directory under WinAMP.

My sense is that the error.log line seen below ending in "preventing YP
listings" indicates a problem on my end but I do not easily see what it
may be.

Any ideas?


[2005-12-03  16:03:47] INFO stats/stats.c stats thread started
[2005-12-03  16:03:47] INFO fserve/fserve.c file serving thread started
[2005-12-03  16:03:47] INFO yp/yp.c YP update thread started
[2005-12-03  16:03:47] DBUG yp/yp.c Add pending yps
[2005-12-03  16:03:47] DBUG yp/yp.c Add pending yps
[2005-12-03  16:03:48] DBUG slave/slave.c checking master stream list
[2005-12-03  16:03:48] DBUG slave/slave.c Adding relay source at
mountpoint "/stream"
[2005-12-03  16:03:48] INFO slave/slave.c Starting relayed source at
mountpoint "/stream"
[2005-12-03  16:03:48] DBUG connection/connection.c sources count is 0
[2005-12-03  16:03:48] DBUG source/source.c Applying mount information
for "/stream"
[2005-12-03  16:03:48] DBUG source/source.c fallback /
[2005-12-03  16:03:48] DBUG source/source.c preventing YP listings

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