[Icecast] overlaying prerecorded content over a live stream...

Dick Trump dtrump1 at triadav.com
Mon Aug 22 21:04:15 UTC 2005

Michael Hale wrote:

> One of their requirements is that they have the ability to
> overlay internet-only content over the regional commercials that
> they run during their programming - ie, during breaks between
> their normal programming, they don't want ads from their advertisers
> going out over the internet, but rather, they would prefer to
> substitute special content.

This really is very similar to the application that I posted a couple 
questions over the weekend about.  But I decided that it was best to 
have the main programming actually be the fallback content (which could 
have a second layer of fallback) and overlay the specialized 
programming as if it were the primary.  And I do think that EZstream 
would be a good choice since you would likely have all of your internet 
programming pre-recorded.

I have tested this concept and it works very smoothly if the MP3 
encoding of the EZstream material is at the same rate as the main 
content stream.

The only catch seems to be terminating the EZstream at the end of the 
file.  It repeats and I don't want that.  I have to Ctrl-C to kill the 

As it turns out, I might have to solve this for also inserting live 
material besides the pre-recorded stuff.  I have regional RF repeaters 
that need their own local content that will override material pulled 
from a satelite network.


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