[Icecast] Forcing individual clients to alternate mount points

Dick Trump DTrump1 at TriadAV.com
Sat Aug 20 17:54:35 UTC 2005


I'm new to the forum but have been streaming successfully with 
SimpleCast/IceCast2 for about 8 months.  Both Simplecast and IceCast2 
are running on the same Win2K system.  Now I want to do something that 
has me stumped.  It really is a two pronged problem.

Here's the setup:

Icecast is encoding the same live audio to multiple mount points, 
allowing me to easily track the reliability of the individual clients.  
These are 24/7 actual RF radio station repeaters.  The clients are 
running Linux and are unattended.

Now I want to be able to automatically switch a given client to an 
alternate stream for an hour, then switch back to the main stream.  The 
alternate stream will be pre-recorded material, while the main stream 
continues the live audio being encoded by SimpleCast.

So, my questions are:

1.  Can I set up a secondary streaming source that establishes my 
alternate mount point?  This can't be SimpleCast since it is live only. 
 Do I just use a different port number?  Any recommendations for the 
streaming source?

2.  I know that using the admin facilities I can manually force a 
client to an alternate mount point.  But is there a good way to do this 
on an automated basis?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Dick Trump

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