[Icecast] restarting streamtranscoder w/ out killing listeners

Laust Brock-Nannestad lbn at prg.dtu.dk
Mon Aug 8 17:24:00 UTC 2005

On Sun, 7 Aug 2005, Josh Whiting wrote:

> I'm running streamtranscoder on my icecast server.  Unfortunately,
> after 5-15 minutes of transcoding, it sometimes produces jumpy/skippy
> audio or drops the stream altogether.  What I'd like to do is restart
> streamtranscoder every 5 minutes.  However, when I kill
> streamtranscoder and bring it back, all listeners on the stream get
> killed.  How can I prevent this?  In other words, how can I get
> icecast to keep publishing the mount point when streamtranscoder is
> killed and started again?

You could set up a fallback stream, redirecting people to a static file or
a stream streamed by ezstream (for example) when the transcoder goes down.
Obviously this will still interrupt the listeners, but it will not
disconnect them and will automatically move them back to the main stream
once it's up and running again.

BTW, we also use the streamTranscoder, and I found that increasing the
internal buffer size greatly increased the stability (at the cost of
slightly higher latency, but this was not an issue for us).

If you open transcurl.cpp and look for the comment "JCMOD, made this a lot
larger" (should be in three places), you'll see a value defined as
something multiplied by 20. I (rather arbitrarily) changed it to "*60" and
recompiled and it worked so well I haven't felt the need to try other
values :-)



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