[Icecast] restarting streamtranscoder w/ out killing listeners

Josh Whiting joshwhiting at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 23:33:24 UTC 2005

Hi folks

I'm running streamtranscoder on my icecast server.  Unfortunately,
after 5-15 minutes of transcoding, it sometimes produces jumpy/skippy
audio or drops the stream altogether.  What I'd like to do is restart
streamtranscoder every 5 minutes.  However, when I kill
streamtranscoder and bring it back, all listeners on the stream get
killed.  How can I prevent this?  In other words, how can I get
icecast to keep publishing the mount point when streamtranscoder is
killed and started again?

Also, are there any stable alternatives to streamtranscoder?

-josh whiting

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