[Icecast] streaming single mp3 files

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Mon Apr 25 10:49:51 UTC 2005

strupps wrote:

> I am new to this list, so this question is already answered.
> I thougth that if <webroot> and <fileserve> is set in icecast.xml i could 
> stream
> mp3 files by http-protocol like 
> http://occ1.net:8003/modules/media/gallery/music/alternativerock/mab/emphasizedlove.mp3.
> But it didnt work.

Descriptions like "it didn't work" aren't very helpful.  What happened when 
it didn't work?  What was the specific error message, both in the browser 
and in your error log?  Is the path located under your directory given as 
your webroot in the icecast config file?


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