[Icecast] Lower bit rates crashing ices

Michael Smith mlrsmith at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 09:10:32 UTC 2005

On 4/21/05, Peter Traub <ptraub at virginia.edu> wrote:
> Since I can't turn quality below -1 in managed mode, I've tried playing
> with the maximum, nominal, and minimum bitrates in managed mode.
> Unfortunately, if the rates go below the numbers you see above, ices
> crashes. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or have I just hit some
> hard limit with the oggv compressor? Many thanks in advance.

Crashing is always a bug (bugs should be reported in our bugtracking
system at http://bugs.xiph.org). This should just be failing to run,
since the bitrate it too low given the sample rate for the encoder
you're using.

If you resample to a lower bitrate, you'll have no trouble reaching
this (or lower) bitrates. You may also want to mix it to mono, since
the overhead of stereo isn't worth it at really low bitrates.


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