[Icecast] Adding authenticated mountpoints

gARetH baBB hick.icecast at gink.org
Tue Apr 12 13:44:34 UTC 2005

On Mon, 12 Apr 2005, Karl Heyes wrote:

> My current work is on 
> http://mediacast1.com/~karl/testing/icecast-2.2-kh3pre.tar.gz


	Relays ignore the hidden flag

	HUPing icecast puts icecast in a strange state where it doesn't 
actually take account of the conf changes, and also won't terminate on a 
TERM and needs a KILL - but it does still "work" otherwise.

How is fallback to file actually meant to work ?

I notice you've got fallback-when-full, I would like to fallback (on full) 
to a URL - 302 style - but on a per mount basis rather than setting up a 
whole master/slave relationship.

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