[Icecast] Adding authenticated mountpoints

James McCurrach tech at hawkley.net
Tue Apr 12 11:02:53 UTC 2005

OK, so let me check I understand how the timing must work:

0)  New user joins the jukebox and wants to start listening to music. 
Jukebox app selects a mountpoint name, user ID and password
1)  Modify the icecast.conf file with the new mountpoint
2)  Send HUP to icecast
3)  Set up username:password for new stream
4)  Create new stream's ices.conf file
5)  Spawn new instance of ices to stream the music
6)  Invite listener to start listening (tell him his userid, password,
point him to url) ...

When I send a HUP to icecast will it disrupt the listening experience of
the other listening users on other streams?

I'm not too keen on doing the password management via the admin
interface as I really want this process to be automated and my php/xml
isn't (yet) up to a dialogue with an external application - so maybe
the auth by url is better.


On 4/12/2005, "Karl Heyes" <karl at xiph.org> wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 11:11, James McCurrach wrote:
>> I could get my jukebox to modify the icecast.conf file with the details
>> of each new mountpoint and write the userid/password to the htauth file,
>> but is it possible to then force Icecast to re-read the config file, and
>> if so how?
>you can send a HUP to icecast to force a re-read and assuming the stream
>isn't running at the time of the re-read then the setting should apply
>when the source client does connect.  Updating the htpasswd file is
>probably best done via the icecast url interface so that you don't race
>I also have a working prototype for auth by URL, that way a new listener
>will cause a web request from icecast to be sent to a backend auth
>engine. This is only available in testing at the moment

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