[Icecast] icecast 2-2.0.0_2,1 Stats - <Clients> wrong number!

hpage at gmx.ch hpage at gmx.ch
Sun Apr 3 08:56:42 UTC 2005


Two days ago i have implemented a script to cacti (a web based rrdtool),
where i read out the <Clients> section in the stats.xml and put it in a

On this server i just use the <fileserve> to sream some archived sessions.

The first day everything worked fine. When i connect the number of <Clients>
goes up one and at the disconnect it goes down. Now after i had about 20
Listeners it still goes up one and down when i connect, but it stays at
about 20 Listeners.

I checked on the server with 'netstat -a' and i recognized i do have just
about 4 opened sessions.

I could not reproduce this error, when i connect it works when i disconnect,
but the value stays too high.

Does anybody know how i could solve this problem?

Thank you

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