[Icecast] Direcway Satalite Dish

James McCurrach james at hawkley.net
Mon Sep 13 14:52:06 PDT 2004

Hi Dave,

I'm no expert (having only been using Icecast/Ices for a couple of
months) but it seems to work OK for me.

I have a sat link from Aramiska (2-way so latency of 700ms) but if you
point your listener to: {sent privately to Dave} you'll see
that it works. My files are in ogg-vorbis so you'll need something
other than Windows Media Player eg WinAmp to listen to them.

(if you hear it occasionally stutter that's my box not the link - it
does that to me on the LAN too and is cos the 'server' is also my
Apache box and doesn't have the puff to do both!)

There are probably lots of clever things you can do with the
<reconnectdelay> and <maxqueuelength> settings in the config files -
others in this forum will be better placed than me to say what!


On 9/13/2004, "Dave" <daveekelly at earthlink.net> wrote:

>Is any one using a Direcway Satalite to stream audio out.
>I want to do some live broadcasting next month and I live so far out in
>the country that this is the only broadband source available.
>Is there any source of information on this to read up on?
>Any problems anyone has run into?
>Things I should look out for or do?
>Thanks in advances.
>Dave Kelly
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