[Icecast] Re: ices-kh dropping jack ports unexpectedly

andy andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Sun Oct 31 22:32:17 UTC 2004

On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 16:06:00 +0100, Andy Baxter wrote:

> I've been having a problem where ices-kh (the jack'ified version)
> disconnects from its jack input source unexpectedly. This happens mainly
> while other jack clients are being started/stopped, or
> connected/disconnected, but also at other times (e.g. switching between
> different X sessions). I'm planning to do a bit more work on tuning up the
> jack setup to see if I can get rid of the problem that way, but it would
> be good to know in the meantime if this is a known bug, and whether there
> is anything I can do about it.
> It happened just now when I connected two other jack sources. There were
> two xruns at the same time, of 0.8 and 1.8 msecs, so I'm guessing this
> happens when there is an xrun. I've tried increasing the client timeout to
> 1000 msec, but this doesn't help. I can't increase the buffer size any
> more - it's at 2048 and increasing it to 4096 stops ices from starting at
> all.
> The setup I'm working with is an ecasound session relaying audio between
> its input and output ports, with its output connected to all the ices
> clients for the different streams we're running. Then I'm
> switching the ecasound input between different stream sources (line in,
> recorded audio, http relay etc.) I want to be able to do this switching
> without breaking the stream, which is why I've set things up this way.

I've been testing this some more and the ices logs are showing a
ringbuffer full error at the time the port drops. I looked through the
source and the 'sleep time' parameter seems to have something to do with
setting the ring buffer size. I've tried recompiling the im_jack module
with the line:

rb_size=(size_t)((s->sleep / 2000.0 ) * ......

changed to ... s->sleep / 1000.0

I'm running another test at the moment, but it would be good to know
whether this is actually likely to help, and if it's going to have any
other effects on the way ices works (apart from increasing the stream

I'll let you know how the test goes.

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