[Icecast] Re: ices-kh dropping jack ports unexpectedly

Andy Baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Tue Oct 19 02:17:06 UTC 2004

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 10:57:12 +1000, Geoff Shang wrote:

> Andy Baxter wrote:
>> The setup I'm working with is an ecasound session relaying audio between
>> its input and output ports, with its output connected to all the ices
>> clients for the different streams we're running.
> This doesn't address the issue you're asking about, but why are you 
> running multiple Ices instances when a single instance can produce multiple 
> streams?
> Geoff.

Mainly I didn't take enough time to think through different ways of doing
it before I started writing the scripts. Also there might be times when it
would be good to be able to stop some streams but not others. I think I
was trying to design the system to cover all eventualities in
advance rather than waiting for them to come up and dealing with them then.

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