[Icecast] m3u problems

chris mitchell c.mitchell at apu.ac.uk
Thu Oct 28 08:30:38 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

I am using icecast 2.0.2 using the webroot (no mount point) to serve all 
the ogg files
within the folder that is the webroot.  According to the documentation I 
should be able to take the audio
(test.org) file name and add a .m3u extension, and icecast should 
automatically generate a m3u file in response.
However at the moment it serves the test.org file as the m3u file. This 
unfortunately won't play in a number
of different players (I think this is a mime thing).

On the message board someone reported a problem that is similar. Their 
problem was
traced to the host name element in icecast's config file. I have tried 
various different
configurations (FQDN, IP) without much luck.

Is there anybody who could possible help me out with this.....


c.mitchell at apu.ac.uk

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