[Icecast] Relay Icecast shoutcast.

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Wed Oct 20 15:44:00 UTC 2004

vincent Charvaux wrote:

> I would like to put my server Shoutcast in relay with my server Icecast.
> But I does not understand how to make.  You will find my config below.

Just to clarify, you want to relay a stream that's on a shoutcast server on 
your icecast server.  Right?

> <!--<master-server></master-server>-->
> <!--<master-server-port>8001</master-server-port>-->
> <!--<master-update-interval>120</master-update-interval>-->
> <!--<master-password>testtt</master-password>-->

The above section only works if you're dealing with another icecast 2.x 
server.  It allows you to relay the entire server, hence the need for a 
specific password.  Yours is commented out anyway so it doesn't cause any 

> <!--

Note that this is the beginning of a commented out section, so you'll want 
to remove this line and the matching "-->" line at the end of the relay 

> <relay>
> <server></server>
> <port>8000</port>
> <mount>/I ne comprend pas que je dois mettre</mount>

The mount line above specifies a mountpoint to tune into on the remote 
server.   You'd use this if you were relaying a stream from another icecast 
server.  Not having done what you're doing, I assume you'd simply set it to 

> <local-mount>/megamix</local-mount>
> <relay-shoutcast-metadata>1</relay-shoutcast-metadata>
> </relay>

This all looks fine.

> -->

And this is the other comment line that has to go.

Hope this helps.


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