[Icecast] Song Updates

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sat Oct 2 00:42:05 UTC 2004

(I'm assuming this was meant for the list)

Dave St John wrote:

> would a socket connection write do the trick?

If I'm right about this, no it wouldn't.  What is done in the ogg vorbis 
feed is to start a new logical ogg stream, which allows the sending of new 
vorbis tags.  You can't just plonk tags anywhere in a vorbis stream, they 
have to be in the second header packet.

Now I guess Icecast could be modified to accept the URL method of metadata 
updates and generate a new stream itself.  This approach would have certain 
advantages, particularly where the process controling the music etc wasn't 
the process doing the encoding (the MP3 approach makes it possible to do 
this).  But I don't know whether subsequent packets/pages would need to be 
renumbered due to it being a new stream or whether starting a stream in the 
middle (numerically) is legal.  A vorbis guru will have to answer that one. 
And if packets/pages do have to be renumbered on the fly, I don't know if 
this would cause too much complexity or not.  I guess all it would require 
is tracking of offset values for each mountpoint.


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