[Icecast] Low volume coming through live stream

Marion Hall hallm at 1satcom.com
Fri Oct 1 21:36:06 UTC 2004

That was part of it, the other thing I believe was the mono cable, I put a
stereo cable on it and now it's working great.  Your howto has been a life
savior in getting this set up.  


Marion Hall

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Are you running this on Linux. I assume so. Use something like "aumix"
to turn the volume up. I know that when I just recently installed SUSE
9.1 Pro, the volume was set very low.
Good luck.
Take a look at http://www.gnuware.com/icecast/ for more help. I'll be
updating this very soon in book format.

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Subject: [Icecast] Low volume coming through live stream
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I've got a boom box style radio plugged in with a patch cable (Our
radio shack only had a mono cable).  I'm getting a volume off of the
stream, but it is a very low volume.  I've got the radio turned all
the way up.  I'm using setmixer to adjust volumes, but it hasn't
changed anything.


I know it's probably just a simple setting, I just don't know what. 



Marion Hall 

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