[Icecast] CPU load

Rakotomandimby Mihamina mihamina at mail.rktmb.org
Fri Oct 1 19:32:23 UTC 2004

>From time to time my computer freezes.
I noticed it freezed when i transcoded from mp3 to ogg, with mp32ogg.
Then later I noticed it freezed too when I encoded from wav to ogg with

When I use mp32ogg or oggenc, the CPU load is 99% during the process and
the computer freezes after 10 minutes.

But, I tried to load the CPU and bzip2 a large file during 30 minutes,
but the computer stays OK, though cpu load is 99%.

So, does oggenc more "heat" the CPU than any other application ?

I'm running an AMD XP 2200+ under Debian Testing.

lmsemsors are not available (no time to recompile the kernel)
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