[Icecast] source clients

EvilOverlord eviloverlord at imux.net
Tue Nov 30 17:19:50 UTC 2004

Mindaugas Musnikas wrote:

> Hello again,
> does anybody know icecast sorce client which encodes live audio in
> mp3 and uses ALSA drivers. I've tried darkice, but it uses too many
> resources for several encoding processes. Maybe the reason is because
> I'm using virtual ALSA devices created for each program I want to
> encode. But I know only two ways different channels from the same
> soundcard to be used simmultaneously by different encoding processes.
> These ways are: 1) Create virtual ALSA devices for each channel pair
> 2) Use JACK compatible encoders like ices-kh. If there is another
> way, I would like to know it. Maybe you know icecast source client
> running in Windows? Thank you in advance.

When confronted with that problem myself, (4 audio sources to encode on 
one machine) I used the ALSA virtual device setup and four icesS 2.0 
processes feeding into a local icecast server, I then used 
streamTranscoder to convert them into mp3 and send them out the correct 
servers.  A little messy, and required several control scripts, but it 
works :-)

LiveIce Project http://liveice.sourceforge.net/

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