[Icecast] source clients

Mindaugas Musnikas m.musnikas at lrtc.lt
Tue Nov 30 14:53:10 UTC 2004

Hello again,

does anybody know icecast sorce client which encodes live audio in mp3 and uses ALSA drivers. I've tried darkice, but it uses too many resources for several encoding processes. Maybe the reason is because I'm using virtual ALSA devices created for each program I want to encode. But I know only two ways different channels from the same soundcard to be used simmultaneously by different encoding processes. These ways are: 1) Create virtual ALSA devices for each channel pair 2) Use JACK compatible encoders like ices-kh. If there is another way, I would like to know it. Maybe you know icecast source client running in Windows? Thank you in advance.
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