[Icecast] Refresh Ices 0.4.?

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Fri Nov 26 09:49:49 UTC 2004

Anatol wrote:

> Hmm ... How can I recognize, that the changes are detected? I Changed the 
> playlist, sent the kill -SIGHUP command, and watched the cue File. But 
> nothing changed. Or ... did ices finished playing the current song and starts 
> after that the new song from the new playlist?

Yep, that's how it works, if memory serves (I messed with this in July so 
am having trouble remembering).  A different signal, I think USR1, will 
make it skip to the next track.

>> Actually, it should detect changed playlists
>> automatically.

It does, but when I tried doing this, it recognised the changed playlist 
but picked up at the same place it had been in the old one, rather than 
going from the top.  So, in my case, after it had played item 5 in the old 
playlist, it began with item 6 of the new one.  Not quite what I'd wanted, 
but it was good enough at the time.  Oh and this was Ices 0.3 then.


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