[Icecast] Refresh Ices 0.4.?

Anatol icecast at recordcaster.de
Wed Nov 24 09:58:59 UTC 2004

Brendan Cully wrote:

>>kill -SIGHUP <icespid>
>>But this don't work! :( 
> That should work. 
Hmm ... How can I recognize, that the changes are detected? I Changed 
the playlist, sent the kill -SIGHUP command, and watched the cue File. 
But nothing changed. Or ... did ices finished playing the current song 
and starts after that the new song from the new playlist?

> Actually, it should detect changed playlists
> automatically. 
Oh! That sounds good! But how does it work? I change the playlist and 
*zapp* the new song was played??

 > But I think it will only refresh immediately if you
> aren't randomizing.
No, I didn't randomize the list....


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