[Icecast] Re-Assembling SongData in Icecast Streams..

Ian Andrew Bell hello at ianbell.com
Wed Nov 24 21:31:03 UTC 2004

Also... how do you specify which mount you're injecting the metadata  
into?  Presumably there's someone out there relaying for multiple  
different sources, though that's not us...


On 24-Nov-04, at 2:00 AM, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> Right... I understand how the stream works and we have no confusion at  
> all then.
> So I need to create a script to re-inject MP3 Metadata from my  
> handy-dandy XML file (when it changes) which is easily done if, as you  
> say, there're a few variables that the admin.cgi can listen for (of  
> course Icecast has no admin.cgi)
> The info you've provided for Shoutcast is useful and you allude to  
> some other icecast methods  ... need documentation for this function  
> of icecast and googling produces no joy, nor do the official or  
> unofficial guides for icecast.  The Smackfu link is OK as a cursory  
> introduction to how to pull attributes from a stream but not so  
> instructive in injecting them in and it lists one of the variables.
> What are the variables used in the shoutcast-metadata-protocol and how  
> do they work?
> I'm guessing through some extensive googling and have found the  
> following... but a definitive answer and list of variables would be  
> very, very helpful:
>  streamtitle
>  streamname
>  streamurl	
>  streamgenre
>  title
>  artist
>  album
>  ....
> By inference I'm guessing that the shoutcast method is therefore:
> http://server:port/admin.cgi? 
> mode=updinfo&pass=password&song=Booga&streamtitle=Fubar .... ad  
> nauseum.
> ...and the password that is relevant is the admin password.  Of  
> course, I'm running Icecast 2.1 now.
> What's the icecast method and what variable names are supported... and  
> are there any that AREN'T used in the shoutcast-metadata-protocol?
> Is it as simple as:
> http://server:port/admin/stats.xsl? 
> mode=updinfo&pass=password&song=Booga&streamtitle=Fubar   ???
> -Ian.
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