[Icecast] LAN Streaming

Peter McCaffrey peteremcc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 05:40:18 UTC 2004

First of all,

Thank you for a great program...

I am trying to setup a sort of Radio Station for our College and your
program is ideal.

So yeah thanks.

However i have a question:

I understand that to stream over the internet you need a streaming
server. Correct?
BUT for me, streaming over our LAN, will that be necerssary? Ideally I
would like to use the computer that is running Icecast to stream the
audio to the other computers.

Other than that (the fact that noone else but me [im listening right
now at localhost :P] can hear the station its working brilliantly.

Thanks for all the work you have put into the program and thanks in
advance for any help you can give me with my question.


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