[Icecast] New Icecast 2.1.0 and peercast

Allan allan at cloud9-bbs.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 10:08:17 UTC 2004

Is anyone else using Peercast with the new Icecast v2.1.0 ?

I can still connect to my stream using the normal "http://{IP addy}:8000/C100.m3u"
Peercast seems to connect to the stream okay

Listener trys to connect to my stream from peercast using "http://{IP addy}:7144/pls/{channel.id}.pls" and fails with "reached end of file" or "server is busy".
Ive tried commenting out the new "burst-on-connect" options in the config - still same problem.

Ive gone back to icecast v2.0.2 and all works fine again.  
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