[Icecast] Raincast, a 'stream helper' I've made. Looking for feedback.

Robert McAuley rmcauley at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 23:17:08 UTC 2004

Hello everyone.  I've worked on creating a "stream helper" that acts
as a script for Ices 2.0 to use.  I've recently completed it and I'm
looking for feedback and comments.  The site is at
http://raincast.thedreamrealm.com/ , and here are its features from
the docs:

Raincast is an open-source internet radio utility program written in
C++ which is designed to act as a "script" for Ices to read its
output. Features include:

   1. Allows users to vote on songs to hear what they want next
   2. MySQL database tracks full playlist details, such as:
         1. Ogg Metadata: title, album, genre, artist
         2. Statistics: Total votes, listeners, ratings per song and more.
   3. Designed to integrate with a website through MySQL.
   4. Makes sure songs and albums don't repeat.
   5. User ratings affect how often songs and albums are played.
   6. Built to recover itself from errors and keep the music going!

The site also has a link to a working example of all its features,
source tarball download, and all documentation.

I'm interested in developing Raincast further, into a real source
application instead of a script to Ices, but as of now it suits my
purposes completely and I have no intention of continuing.  If enough
people are interested, or if enough people would use it if it wasn't a
crutch for Ices, I'd be more than happy to develop it further.

Again, I'm looking for feedback.  Suggestions, criticisms, comments,
whatever you may want to say are all welcome!  I'm an Icecast mailing
list subscriber so feel free to reply on the list and I'll also be in
#icecast for the next week or so if anyone wants to contact me
directly, under the screen name "LiquidRain".

- Robert

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