[Icecast] Getting started...where do I start?

Mike Leahy mgleahy at golden.net
Fri Nov 12 00:04:14 UTC 2004

Hello list,

I'm really new to this sort of thing, and I just installed Icecast on a
WinXP machine.  As far as I can tell, the server itself is running, but I
have no clue how to get it to actually serve audio content.  Basically, I
have a rather large folder-tree of mp3s (and some oggs) stored in a
directory called "c:/mp3s" (for example).  I want to make these available as
my own radio station.  I'd also want to limit who can access it if it's
possible.  The documentation for Icecast doesn't seem to cover all of this,
and for someone like me, it's not exactly clear which configuration settings
I should use, or what additional software/setup is required.

Can anyone suggest what I should do, perhaps point me to a step-by-step
example (for a simple-minded windows user like me)?


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