[icecast] YP submission / cURL issue. (icecast 2.0.1 / gentoo)

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed May 26 04:46:28 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 14:24, cpickert at t3inc.us wrote:

>   I've been using the win32 icecast for ages now (which YP stuff works
> great) but am wanting to move to the *nix[linux now via gentoo] variant as
> I've been having troubles where icecast was crashing routinely and would
> actually chain-crash my OddSock->Winamp on the encoder and if Winamp
> crashed from a non-oddsock error, sometimes the icecast sever would crash
> with it. Terrible stuff but I talked with Monty about it at SXSW and have
> seen that 2.0.1 itself was released (by OddSock) to fix crashes related to
> buffer overflows, but I've still experienced the issues.

It really shouldn't do that. The 2.0.1 release was for a single overflow (that 
would never happen accidently - only through a deliberate attack), so I 
wouldn't expect that to help. However, if it's crashing, we'd really like to 
know about that - with enough details to reproduce (and hopefully fix).


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