[icecast] Also.. Relaying

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue May 11 02:20:26 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 11:28, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> I also tried installing Icecast 1.31 ... the config file claims its
> relaying capabilities aren't very well tested and I can verify this.
> But now I'm concerned that even 2.0 won't work for me in relaying.
> I'm trying to relay multiple streams from a cluster these hardware
> encoding devices:
> 	http://www.audioactive.com/products/realtime_enc/rte_ovw.html
> ...to do so you need to pull the file:
> 	http://hostname:port/l3audio.m3u
> In my case I've set up a test stream from one of these boxes at:
> 	http://56k.pulverradio.com:80/l3audio.m3u
> ...would anyone be interested in trying to relay this for me from an
> Icecast 2.0 server to see if it works? 1.31 definitely doesn't.

There are two problems here:

1) Getting the actual stream URL. You've given a URL to an m3u file, which 
CONTAINS the stream URL. Icecast 2.0 can't currently do this. Adding it would 
be fairly straightforward, except... this server is seriously busted, and it 
doesn't give a valid HTTP response. However, if the URL doesn't change (it's currently), you can just set up icecast 
to relay this.

2) actually relaying the stream from that URL. This _should_ work fine with 
icecast 2.0, except for one minor thing. The server sends it with a 
Content-Type header of "audio/x-mpeg". It should be "audio/mpeg", and icecast 
doesn't recognise the x- form. Here's a simple patch (untested) that should 
make it work. 


<p>--- format.c    (revision 6647)
+++ format.c    (working copy)
@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@
         return FORMAT_TYPE_VORBIS; /* Now blessed by IANA */
     else if(strcmp(contenttype, "audio/mpeg") == 0)
         return FORMAT_TYPE_MP3; 
+    else if(strcmp(contenttype, "audio/x-mpeg") == 0)
+        return FORMAT_TYPE_MP3; 
         return FORMAT_ERROR;

--- >8 ----
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