[icecast] Different bitrates and switching between live/playlist mode

ACiDAngel list-icecast at rewtbox.de
Fri May 7 21:19:48 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I have successfully running an icecast2 server in combination with ices 0.3
and i am streaming with ices a mp3-playlist to two different mountponts at
the icecast server, both the same playlist but ices re-encodes the playlist
in 2 different bitrates (low-quality and high quality) and sends it to the
mountpoints /low and /high

now if i am doing a livemix i connect as a third source to the
icecast-server, start my livemix-stream to a third mountpoint (e.g.
/livemix) and then i go to the icecast-server's admin menu ("Move
MountPoints") and move the clients from /low and /high to /livestream.

Now my question
I dont know a possibility to re-encode my livestream to the 2 different
bitrates - is there a possibility doing that?

The best way would be something like to learn ices not only to play
playlists, but also listen for an incoming stream that it will, if it comes
in, send to the different mountpoints on the icecast server, and if the
incoming livestrem stops it will automatically fall back to playlist
streaming - so it would be totally transparent for the user and it would
offer to stream different bitrates all the time ...

Is this possible in any way ?
Wouldn't it be easy to implement this feature to ices ?

How do you manage live-performance and playlist-playing and switching
between both, maybe also with supplying different bitrates for one stream at
the icecast server.

I would be happy about reading your suggestions


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