[icecast] alias mount points

Joseph Wilhelm tarken at lyrical.net
Thu May 6 03:23:39 UTC 2004

Geoff Shang wrote:

>Someone sent a patch to the development list that would allow you to set up
>a stack of mountpoints, each with precedence over the one below it.  So if
>mount A is connected, listeners would get that, if not, listeners would get
>mount B if it were connected, else C, etc.  Actually I think this much is
>in standard icecast, but the trick to this patch was that if mount A
>reconnected, listeners would be pulled forward again to that mountpoint.  I
>*think* this was committed to subversion, or CVS as it was then.  This
>would probably help you achieve what you want, with your playlist as the
>lowest priority and your other broadcasters higher up.
That sounds very close... I'll have to check it out. The main problem I 
could think of would be, with the way our station operates, we have 
potentially hundreds of different DJs connecting to our stream... and 
there's no way to guarantee that all of them will have all of their 
settings correct. Because of this, we have the intermediary step of 
having an admin connect to verify everything before they actually go 
live to the public. I wonder, would this be possible to implement with 
that patch, or would that be too far outside its realm of working?

Also, unique users/passwords would be nice... a custom auth module of 
some sort, perhaps? A database backend, instead of reading the config?

Thanks for the input, I'll see about investigating that some more. 
Please let me know if you have any more ideas on this!

--Joseph Wilhelm
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