[icecast] alias mount points

Warren J. Beckett warren at a-generic.com
Wed May 5 15:51:39 UTC 2004


I am trying to get my head around a problem I have. First let me tell
you my goal.

I want to setup a site where I can allocate 2 hour time slots to anyone
that wants to play there tunes. My idea was to setup a number of mount
point, each with a username and password and dish these out, along with
a allocated time slot to the DJ's that have booked. This can all be done
with a wee bit of CGI - No worries at all. 

The idea was then to have a mount , shall we say /live.ogg where
listeners can connect have here the various artists.. I want to make
this as automatic as possible and not have a person ( me ) managing this
as I have better things to do in my evening such as sleeping. 

At the end of a time interval the next artist is live, and will be
completely transparent to the listeners.

One idea was to shuffle listeners around the mounts using the move
client function. I can run a script at a short interval to move clients
from /live.ogg to the current playing mount point, and when an interval
expires move the clients on that mount point to the next one in line.

But perhaps I have lost my mind - Is there an easier way to achieve my

Is it possible to have alias mounts similar say to a unix symbolic link?
Where /alias.ogg points to another mount? What the alias points to can
be moved around and the listers just track what it is currently pointing



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