[icecast] Radio Station

cloper cloper at crowncollege.edu
Wed May 5 02:42:52 UTC 2004

Michael Smith wrote:

>On Wednesday 05 May 2004 08:15, cloper wrote:
>>Time and time again I am sure you get this question. I am trying to
>>setup a radiostation, and here is what I am looking for:
>>1. Ability for people to "call in" with say, winamp+oddcast or simplecast.
>>2. Ability to change password for the caller at any time.
>>I know by default that Icecast2 does not allow the sharing of mounts, so
>>what about setting up the following:
>>1. /radio  = main mount to listen on
>>2. /host = dj mount for encoding
>>3. /caller[1-10] = 10 mount points for up too 10 callers
>>Then perhaps something that will take all audio from /host and
>>/caller[1-10], mix it, and send to /radio. The server does not have a
>>soundcard so if I could do it without a soundcard, that would be great.
>>Also, can you specify a password for each mount, and is there
>>any way to dynamically change the password? If this is not enough
>>information, please let me know.
>>Thanks in advance,
>Icecast can do all of this except the mixing. For that, you'll need to use an 
>external program (which could connect to icecast, fetch all the streams, mix 
>then, encode them, and send the encoding back to icecast). There's no reason 
>for this to require a sound card.
The reason I ask about the sound card is because i tried a few, like 
muse, and it wanted a /dev/dsp which i could not get working properly. 
What about dynamic passwords? How does one do that? I read in a forum 
that a 'kill -HUP' on the PID will reload the config, but also read that 
it doesn't reload the entire config. Do you have any recommendations on 
what apps to use?
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