[icecast] Radio Station

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed May 5 01:25:30 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 08:15, cloper wrote:
> List,
> Time and time again I am sure you get this question. I am trying to
> setup a radiostation, and here is what I am looking for:
> 1. Ability for people to "call in" with say, winamp+oddcast or simplecast.
> 2. Ability to change password for the caller at any time.
> I know by default that Icecast2 does not allow the sharing of mounts, so
> what about setting up the following:
> 1. /radio  = main mount to listen on
> 2. /host = dj mount for encoding
> 3. /caller[1-10] = 10 mount points for up too 10 callers
> Then perhaps something that will take all audio from /host and
> /caller[1-10], mix it, and send to /radio. The server does not have a
> soundcard so if I could do it without a soundcard, that would be great.
> Also, can you specify a password for each mount, and is there
> any way to dynamically change the password? If this is not enough
> information, please let me know.
> Thanks in advance,
> chris

Icecast can do all of this except the mixing. For that, you'll need to use an 
external program (which could connect to icecast, fetch all the streams, mix 
then, encode them, and send the encoding back to icecast). There's no reason 
for this to require a sound card.


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