[icecast] libshout2 (perl) + shoutcast: bitrate

Jeremy Bierbach jeremy at groeneheks.nl
Mon Mar 29 00:19:40 UTC 2004

Thomas Weber wrote:
> Hi,
> currently I'm plaing around with the original shoutcast and use libshout for
> transmitting to the server.
> It works mostly perfect, with one little problem:
> The streams bitrate is not correctly reported to shoutcast. I tried the
> following:
> $conn->set_audio_info(SHOUT_AI_BITRATE => 128);
> $conn is the shout-object.
> Is this for icecast only? Is there another way to transmit the correct
> bitrate to shoutcast?

I was having problems with this as well, streaming to Icecast 2.0! The problem 
turns out to be in the Perl module-- the AI constants do not seem to be 
automatically imported. I solved the problem by fully qualifying the constants 
as follows:

        Shout::SHOUT_AI_BITRATE() => $kbitrate,
        Shout::SHOUT_AI_SAMPLERATE() => $samplerate

This may well solve your problem for Shoutcast as well.

-- Jeremy

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