[icecast] ices produces ogg-files with two logical bitstreams

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Sun Mar 28 00:30:29 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 22:45, Andreas Grommek wrote:

> I encountered a strange problem with ices-2.0.0. 
> I use a icecast2/ices2 combo ti stream live audio and I use ices to
> record my stream. This worked well until last week. Since then the
> recording function produces somehow corrupt ogg-files. 
> I cannot decode them to wav with oggdec, the program tells me "Only
> one logical bitstream currently supported". 

oggdec is a simple decoder, I don't think it handles chaining which is
something you can get from ices.
> ogginfo prints out the following:
> New logical stream (#1, serial: 3b1a16e2): type vorbis
> Warning: Vorbis stream 1 does not have headers correctly framed.
> Terminal header page contains additional packets or has non-zero
> granulepos
> There seem to be two logical bitstreams. This is not an ogginfo-bug,
> when I decode the file liveoutputfile.ogg with OggDropXPd
> (Windows-Prog) I get TWO wav-Files, liveoutputfile_0.wav and
> liveoutputfile_1.wav, the first one only 44 bytes small.
> Why is Ices producing such weird ogg-files. Does anybody has a hint
> for me???

the save file support in ices is very trivial, and can be affected by
icecast [dis]connections.  You should be able to play those files
without problems, but oggdec can have a problem with these files, not
only because of the effect of the icecast connection but with the
multiple logical streams that they can have from say a metadata update
or a change in the file from a playlist.

I have a more useful save file support in my ices tree if that is a show
stopper for you.


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