[icecast] Configuring icecast for lowest buffering/latency

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Mar 23 23:24:12 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 23 March 2004 23:13, Matt Trim wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Icecast on a windows pc as a "gobetween" to output from a
> streaming encoder, bounce it of an icecast server locally on the
> workstation and then being picked up from the local icecast server and
> relayed on again. (I'm using liveCaster from www.live.com as it allows me
> to send the audio stream as UDP which is more efficient than HTTP streaming
> - unfortunately it does not accept audio directly from the windows app
> [Simplecast], but reads an http stream, which is why I need icecast in the
> middle as the glue to hold it together!)
> How can I configure the Icecast server to use as minimum buffering as
> possible so I can reduce the latency that the http streaming on the local
> box introduces?

Icecast always has minimal buffering.

> Is it as simple as setting <queue-size> to something very small like 1024
> or would I need a customer recompile of icecast server to set all the
> buffers to minimum settings?

queue-size adjusts the maximum queue size. icecast will always attempt to keep 
the queues empty or as close as possible.

The only thing you could consider modifying is the two uses of '4096' in 
src/source.c:source_main(). Even there, however, I'd be surprised if you see 
a significant change in overall latency.


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