[icecast] everything is running, no source

Ramon Hernandez rihernanbu at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 23:31:43 UTC 2004

Using config file: /etc/darkice.cfg
Using OSS DSP input device: /dev/dsp
Using POSIX real-time scheduling, priority 98

Icecast sits at
Changed groupid to 500.
Changed userid to 500.
(i don't get any more than this)

However when going to http://myip:8000 i get
Source not found

here are the logs

[2004-03-04  17:52:11] INFO connection/_handle_source_request Source logging 
in at mountpoint "/wbuq.ogg"
[2004-03-04  17:52:11] DBUG source/source_main Source creation complete
[2004-03-04  17:52:17] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Client connected
[2004-03-04  17:52:17] DBUG connection/_handle_get_request Source not found 
for client

do i have to manually mount the /dev/dsp or is it there already?

any suggestions?

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