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Clement Cavadore clement at frequence3.net
Tue Mar 2 23:52:22 UTC 2004

Le mar 02/03/2004 à 23:38, MacSym a écrit :
> I agree with you but how do you suggest convincing these software companies
> to implement ogg support in their players? I can imagine Itunes and XMMS but
> it's going to be harder for Windows Media Player and Winamp. Microsoft is
> promoting its very own WMA. I guess they implemented mp3 because it was
> already too popular to reject it.

I think it will be soonly supported.. they're not user-friendly, but not
that silly... (or at least, I hope so :))

> About Winamp, I don't know if Nullsoft is
> going to support ogg because Icecast would create a bigger competition to
> Shoutcast...

Winamp5 has ogg/vorbis builtin support :-)
Winamp2.x needs an ogg plugin, but you can find it easily...

> Anyway, there are very good news, I think Real is going to implement ogg in
> its next version of RealOne. It might already be available in RealOne2 beta,
> but I didn't test it yet. It's a good start because Real is very popular
> (installed on 57% of computers...).

... that's why their server is so expensive :(

> Also a good point would be some hardware
> devices supporting ogg (mp3 players...), but I guess it is a second step:
> first software support, then hardware.

Yep... It will arrive... like divx support on DVD players :)
I think the first one who will support ogg/vorbis will be kiss/DP500...
whose DVD's players already support MP3 streaming (yeah, it's the truth,
I've some "KiSS/DP500" User-agent on some of my shoutcast servers... but
not yet on my icecast's...

Clément Cavadore
Webradio Francophone

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