[icecast] Preventin browsers / wget's / ... from capturing stream?

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Mon Mar 1 12:42:47 UTC 2004


I know this has been discussed before - but I don't think that we've 
come to a "clean" solution. So let me try to ask again:

Is there any good way with icecast to prevent browsers / wget's / ... 
from capturing a stream? I mean, using Shoutcast afaik it's not 
*that* easily possible to download a stream. But using Icecast you 
can simply do a wget and grab the audio. This makes mp3-streaming 
with icecast a "risky" thing in my eyes since clients might always 
say "well, then I could as well put my music for download on a 
website". I know there are always ways around it, but avoiding 
downloading for the average user would at least be good. Has anybody 
experimented with this?

The most clean solution in my eyes would be to implement mms:// or 
rtp:// for mp3/ogg-streams in Icecast2 ... however, I guess just 
nobody yet started working on it - or is it really that hard to 

Anyway - I'm also looking for a good solution (similar to the one of 
Shoutcast, maybe) for plain http-streaming. Is it possible somehow?

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