[Icecast] Ices and ALSA / OSS

Jason M. Sullivan jsullivan
Tue Jun 29 10:07:53 UTC 2004

I'm still having trouble (after reading the archives) geting ices2.0.0 to
work with ALSA (I seem to be able to do arecord just fine.  I'm using the
following packages (along with ices-2.0.0.tar.gz).


(and a few other alsa ones, but that's the important stuff).  The message I
get from ices is...

[2004-06-29  12:57:45] INFO ices-core/main IceS 2.0.0 started...
[2004-06-29  12:57:45] EROR input-alsa/alsa_open_module Error setting 2 periods: Invalid argument
[2004-06-29  12:57:45] EROR input/input_loop Couldn't initialise input module "alsa"
[2004-06-29  12:57:45] INFO ices-core/main Shutdown complete

My config file looks like this...

<param name="rate">44100</param>
<param name="channels">2</param>
<param name="device">plughw:0,0</param>
<param name="buffer-time">500</param>
<!-- Read metadata (from stdin by default, or -->
<!-- filename defined below (if the latter, only on SIGUSR1) -->
<param name="metadata">1</param>
<param name="metadatafilename">test</param>

I've tried unloading the ALSA modules and using ices in OSS mode, but it
core dumps there (which is decidedly not fun).  What's going on here?

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